Team Heroes Planet - Red

Team Heroes Planet is a professional Magic the Gathering team funded & owned by Heroes Planet.  There are two teams being Heroes Planet Red & Heroes Planet Blue each sharing the focus of being competitive on the PPTQ, RPTQ, Grand Prix circuit & Magic Pro Tour.


Our developmental Heroes Planet Red will consist of up to twelve players who will compete at various events ranging from FNM, PPTQ, RPTQ, Grand Prix, SCG & ARG circuits.  Players will have access to wholesale supplies & card pricing, team testing results, team uniforms & a chance to vie for a spot on the six man professional Team Heroes Planet Blue.

Requirements for Heroes Planet Red:

  • Good standing with DCI
  • Consistent high finishes at FNM, PPT, RPTQ, SCG & ARG circuits
  • Will be expected to adhere to a regular testing schedule
  • Commitment to working towards joining Team Heroes Planet Blue

Heroes Planet Blue will mostly be filled with players who come up through Heroes Planet Red & only a particular skill set would be considered for direct inclusion on Heroes Planet Blue.  We will be assessing each application on an individual basis.  Those individuals interested can contact our recruitment team with all questions at  More information will be provided for applicants being considered.